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Zeroll... The ultimate in durability, practicality, and simplicity, Zeroll is proud to offer its world famous ice cream scoop to complement its complete line of commercial quality smallwares. In 1935, we invented the easiest to use ice cream scoop ever invented, an honor that to this day remains. Three quarters of a century later, our ice cream scoop is still the most well constructed scoop around. Use any of our high quality smallwares and feel the difference.

Original Ice Cream Scoops

Aluminum Ice Cream Scoop with heat conductive fluid sealed within the handle.

Zerolon Ice Cream Scoops

Hard coated and sealed with Teflon Ice Cream Scoop with heat conductive fluid sealed within the handle.

Original TubMate Spades

The Original TubeMate is an ideal solution for leveling tubs, hand-packing and hand mixing.

Original Zelato Spade

The Original Zelato is an ideal solution for serving Gelato.

Zerolon Spades

The Zerolon TubeMate and Zelato is Hard Coat Anodized and sealed with Teflon. The Zerolon Series Spades will outlast the Originals.

Universal EZ Dishers

The Universal EZ Disher is a hand-operated food portioner. The Universal EZ Disher is NSF certified and available in 13 different sizes.


Signature craftsmanship and mouthwatering color palette define a combination of durability and elegance. Made with unparalleled attention to detail and engineered with commercial quality materials, these products stand up to the most extreme conditions.

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