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Kold-Draft: Pure Dependability

Founded in 1920 in Dayton, Ohio, the company originally manufactured domestic water pumps. In 1926, the founders purchased the company, Uniflow Mfg., and moved it to its present location in Erie, Pennsylvania. It was from this location that the reputation for innovation and pure dependability began. Beginning with electric water coolers, its famous KOLD-DRAFT® circulating ice water draft beer systems debuted in 1936. This was the beginning of the KOLD-DRAFT brand name and several lines of equipment including walk-in coolers and freezers, bottled beverage coolers, and, later, tray-type ice cube makers.

The KOLD-DRAFT Horizontal Ice Machine is Born

In 1955, KOLD-DRAFT began producing automatic ice cube machines. Using a unique evaporator and water plate system, KOLD-DRAFT'S design produced perfect, pure, clean, clear, hard ice cubes-every time. The horizontal ice-making system was the key. It was, and still is, the system used by KOLD-DRAFT'S commercial ice machines, producing pure ice "upside-down." Water is pumped "up" into the cells and freezes from the outside in-washing out minerals and foreign substances before the water forms into cubes, producing pure ice.

Why Kold-Draft is a Leader in Ice

KOLD-DRAFT'S industry-leading design saves you money. Many of our competitors' ice makers are designed with vertical evaporators, which tend to freeze impurities into the ice. These same impurities coat the evaporator and clog the ports that pump the water. These designs require frequent cleaning of the ice machine or maintenance of self-cleaning systems. Our commercial ice machines are engineered to be self-cleaning and produce clear ice that is free from impurities. As water is sprayed upward into the evaporator cells, the pure water freezes first while particulates and air are forced out and dumped at the end of each cycle. This leaves only pure water frozen into crystal-clear KOLD-DRAFT cubes.
  • 99.9% pure ice
  • Slowest-melting ice cube on the market
  • Chills evenly and melts slowly

Fresh Approach

The Legacy Companies is proud to have KOLD-DRAFT as a legacy company. What has never changed since KOLD-DRAFT was founded in 1955 is that we deliver the longest lasting and most reliable commercial ice machines and ice equipment. Through continuous improvement, new products and waste-free flow manufacturing, you can profit from the pure dependability of KOLD-DRAFT, worldwide.

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