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General mixers are designed for heavy duty operation. The air cooled motor drives the sealed all gear, self lubricating transmission assuring a smooth running planetary system.


General offers its line of Value Slicers complete with standard safety and performance features not found among the competition. There is no denying that these slicers represent the best value in the market today.

Meat Processing

General’s Meat Processors are noted for their exceptional reliability and compact design.

Vegetable & Bowl Cutters

General’s Vegetable cutter machine is ideal to slice, dice or grate potatoes, vegetables and fruits in low to medium volume catering facilities. The GBC14 and GBC18 is ideal for use in butcher shops, food markets, restaurants, pizza shops, bakeries, salad bars and more! Suitable for use in all food preparation applications for size reduction of meats, vegetables, cheeses, fruits, and mixing dough. Produces coarse, medium, or fine cutting and blending of food products with ease, the more the product passes through the knives, the finer the cut.

Coffee & Tea

General Coffee Decanter Warmers and Pourover Brewer are the ideal solution, to keep your coffee fresh, hot and ready to serve! Bowlers and Percolators offer a variety of sizes to meet your demands. All units are styled for the countertop and offer features that allow for easy prep, quick brewing and effortless cleanup.

Heating & Cooking

General value conscious users will be pleased with the feature packed performance of our microwaves. Designed for simplicity of use and performance on a budget, the GEW1000 series of microwaves are a smart buy in today’s market. General heating & cooking equipment is designed for reliable performance and optimal efficiency.


General Hardware is proud to offer its complete line of faucets and fittings to serve the needs of our customers. Featuring forged brass construction, our faucets and fittings have been designed and manufactured for optimum performance and durability. Our customers are amazed with the value our products provide, and after choosing General Hardware, you will be too.

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