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The Legacy Companies designs, manufactures and markets food service equipment, home appliances and kitchen tools and accessories. We are a company founded on the premise that customer satisfaction and product quality is placed before all else. We are committed to a set of core values that emphasize the most important part of our business which is the endorsement by the people that use our products.

The Legacy Companies was founded in 1998 as two operating entities: Greenfield WorldTrade and Asbury Food Service. Today, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Legacy Companies operates as the domestic entity and Greenfield Worldtrade as the master International distributor.

The subsequent history of our growth takes shape through successive phases of acquisitions and organic growth. Today, our portfolio of brands includes Blakeslee®, Excalibur®, General®, Greenfield WorldTrade, Kold-Draft®, Maxximum®, Omega® and Zeroll®.

In 1880, Blakeslee invented the commercial dishwashing machine. Today, there is a Blakeslee machine perfect for all of your dishwashing and food preparation needs, with many products still manufactured in Addison, IL.

Founded in 1920, Kold-Draft originally manufactured domestic water pumps. In 1936, Kold-Draft debuted its famous circulating ice water draft beer system. In 1955, Kold-Draft began producing the horizontal ice making system which is today preferred by bars, restaurants and top mixologists all over the world.

In 1933, Zeroll developed the design for the modern day ice cream dipper. Its unique design transferred heat from the user’s hand, warming the fluid in the handle, which in turn made it easier for the scoop to cut through the ice cream. Today, Zeroll is a leading brand in portion control scoops, kitchen accessories and ice cream scoops and spades.

In the 1950’s, Omega’s founder spent many years listening to consumers and crafting product concepts to deliver what clients wanted in a juicer. Today, Omega is the only brand that offers consumers all styles of juicers including citrus, centrifuge, masticating and pulp ejection.

Since 1955, General has been a brand name trusted in food service with a robust product offering of high quality mixers, slicers, vegetable and bowl cutters, coffee, tea, and cooking equipment.

In 1973, Excalibur introduced the first home dehydration unit. Over the years, Excalibur has led the way in the mechanics of heat and air flow related to food dehydration. In the process of perfecting dehydration, a legacy was born. Today, Excalibur is the world’s leading dehydrator with the majority of products still manufactured in Sacramento, CA.

At Legacy, our approach to product development and selection is unique. There is an unrelenting desire to exceed consumer expectations. Innovation and product enhancements come from a quest for progress and expert knowledge of technology, trends and ingenuity. All of our products must meet our stringent requirements before we add it to our product portfolio.

At The Legacy Companies, outstanding service is a regular part of our day. We take pride in identifying with the heritage of the brands that have helped mold us into the company we are today.

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